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Acne / Pimple Control Athlete's Foot Control

I have just tried two Forces of Nature products and have been amazed at the results.

I have suffered from acne ever since my teenage years. At 41, that's a lot of years of suffering! I've tried every over the counter product going, as well as most of the prescription drugs available to treat acne. Nothing has worked - not even the 'perfect' diet. With the "I have nothing to lose" attitude, I tried Forces of Nature's Acne/Pimple Control product. To my utter amazement, my acne cleared within a couple of days of using the product religiously. When I stopped using the product, the acne reappeared. With regular usage, my skin is clear, and my complexion is like it has never been before.

As a keen sportswoman, I also suffer from continual athlete’s foot. Again, I tried all the usual products and remedies, but to no avail. I tried the Forces of Nature Athlete's Foot Control, anti-fungal product and it did the trick.

Thank you Forces of Nature - your products have become staples in my family medicine chest!

Jane Sykes

— Jane Sykes

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