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Acne / Pimple Control H-Balm Control Extra Strength Nerve Pain Management

I can’t thank you enough for the oils you are making. I had several outbreaks of shingles (6 episodes) to be exact over a two-year period. I didn’t want to take Valtrex all the time so I went to the local health food store to see what I could find. I bought your Forces of Nature products and I was a little skeptical but willing to try anything. After using it about six times they have NEVER returned and that has been almost one year now. I am very grateful.

I am trying Acne/Pimple Control due to hormonal breakouts and just bought that today. I have spent a lot of money on prescription creams and potions and have the feeling if you can get rid of shingles you can definitely deal with acne/breakout problems.

I may have started off skeptical, but I really have a lot of confidence in your company! I love the fact that it’s natural ingredients and not prescription drugs.

Keep up the great work!!

My best wishes,
Vicki J. Trower

— Vicki J. Trower

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