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“My daughter has been treated for acne for two years without results. We decided to do a test. I had her apply Acne/Pimple Control to the left side of her face and her antibiotic cream to the right side. After a week, the results were astounding!

"Thursday afternoon at around 5:00 I started using the H-Balm. I applied perhaps 4 times that evening before going to bed. Right before I went to bed about 12, I'd already seen a 50 percent improvement.

Joint Pain

“A year ago, I injured both knees and after two knee surgeries the right knee has remained very painful. The doctor says it is arthritis. I researched reviews on this product on this site as well as other sites and everything was positive...


“A little skeptical but willing to try anything once...I tried Wart Control Extra Strength. I can't believe it works!!! My son had 3 good size plantar warts on one foot…painful to even walk. After about a week I could see it was working unlike any other products we've tried...

H-Balm Control Extra Strength

Unfortunately, the other day I felt my lip begin to swell so I rushed home to test my new product, hopeful but not sure of the outcome. This is the first time ever using H-Balm Control Extra Strength.

H-Balm Control Extra Strength

The H-Balm Control Extra Strength arrived yesterday and, yes, I must admit, it really works pretty damn fast.... less than 24 hours, about three applications, and a really big open sore area which kept getting bigger was almost totally healed.