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Natural Remedies

Pure Ingredients For Highly Effective Natural Remedies

Pure Organic Ingredients


The Purer The Ingredient, The Greater Its Potency

Forces of Nature sources and uses only the purest USDA Certified Organic Ingredients. All active ingredients are tested by an FDA registered lab for purity and potency.  Only those extracts which pass purity standards are blended in our treatments. By insisting on this quality standard, we avoid any additional unwanted chemicals, which can slow down healing, or in some cases, worsen conditions.   As a result, our formulas deliver maximum effectiveness with each and every application.


Blending Homeopathic with Essential Oils


Blending Homeopathic Drugs with Medicinal Essential Oils

Forces of Nature has created a new and advanced patent pending dual action approach to healing. We combine certified organic homeopathic medicines with certified organic medicinal plant extracts to treat specific ailments. This one-two combination delivers an incredibly powerful and effective result to safely treat common ailments. The therapeutic effect can be felt in each and every application.


No Other Brand Does This


No Other Plant Based Medicine Has This

This line of natural remedies is a breakthrough as it is the world's first and only family of certified organic medicines. No other natural medicine offers this revolutionary formula. Each treatment delivers a pharmacological action which provides a profound healing effect.


Pure Organic Ingredients Grown By Farmers


Pure Organic Ingredients Grown By Farmers Dedicated To Your Health

We care about the impact of our treatments on your health and the planet. So much so that we source and work with only the best medicinal plants available. Our therapeutic grade ingredients arrive directly from small, Certified Organic farms located far from civilization and pollution sources.

Here are a few examples of our ingredient sourcing:
  • Eucalyptus Radiata From a pristine Australian coastline
  • Cypress Grown in France's remote Alps-de-Haute-Provence
  • Geranium From Madagascar - highly potent genus
  • Helichrysum Officianalis From Corsica – Super rare
  • Lavender Grown on a remote hilltop in Northern California overlooking the Pacific Ocean
  • Rose Hip Seed Cultivated from an organic farm in the Andes Mountains in Chile
  • Palmarosa and Chamomile Grown in the Nepalese Himalayan Mountains
  • Melaleuca Alternifolia grown and distilled in the Sonoma Mountains of California
  • Lemongrass Grown in Northern Thailand near the Golden Triangle
  • Thuja Grown high in the Canadian Rocky Mountains
  • Clove from the Island of Java
  • Calendula from the pure, untouched Oregon Coast
  • Sesame grown organically in America’s heartland
  • Ruta Graveolens rom pristine Ubaye Valley of France’s Alpes de Haute Provence