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Why Forces of Nature

Working with Medicinal Plants is our Specialty

With a pharmacy of over 200 medicinal plant extracts, and knowledge of biology and medicinal plant chemistry, our treatments provide a range of treatments for common ailments. We have achieved a major milestone by being the first line of products registered as medicines with the FDA to treat specific health ailments while also being certified organic. We accept nothing but the very best as we think you would too.

No Toxins, No Chemicals, No Pesticides. Ever.

When treating your skin or any ailment, the last thing you want to do is introduce a chemical or toxin to your body. We now recognize how important organic treatments are for our bodies and our health. Forces of Nature treatments are certified organic, which means that they contain no toxins, chemicals, or harmful substances.

The Ultimate in Quality

We often buy the entire lot from our certified organic growers and therefore have medicinal plant extracts which no one else on the planet has. This is why are treatments are so effective and unique. The extracts in our pharmacy and all our treatments are produced specifically for medicinal use and made with the highest regard for quality. The end result is a line of home remedies which work time after time to treat and often reverse specific health ailments.


The first line of medicine both USDA Certified Organic and FDA registered.


We are the first and only company to achieve this incredibly unique combination. This is real medicine – one that works, with results backed by our 1-year money back guarantee.


Powerful Dual Action Formulas


Merging the medicinal power of homeopathics with concentrated botanicals for superior effectiveness. When combined together, these two modalities deliver fast and thorough healing. 

All Forces of Nature’s Medicines are FDA Registered and approved for over the counter sales. In 2011 our facility was granted a license by the Food and Drug Branch to manufacture medicine. We are amongst a very small group of companies which have been granted this unique opportunity.

A second breakthrough also happened in 2011... we became licensed by the USDA to be a handler of certified organic materials.