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FDA Registered Medicine

All Forces of Nature’s Medicines are FDA Registered and approved for over the counter sales. In 2011 our facility was granted a license by the Food and Drug Branch to manufacture medicine. We are amongst a very small group of companies which have been granted this unique opportunity.

A second breakthrough also happened in 2011... we became licensed by the USDA to be a handler of certified organic materials. This was a big year for Forces of Nature.

USDA organic medicine is the gold standard in quality. It establishes proof positive that the purity is genuine and devoid of any toxins or harsh chemicals. Each and every medicine we produce has been granted the coveted USDA certified organic status, obtained only after rigorous audits. The gold standard in quality was thus established for each and every product. This was no small feat as we have nearly 200 medicinal plant extracts in our lab.

Upon securing USDA organic status, Forces of Nature became the world’s first line of medicine to be both approved for over the counter sales and USDA Certified Organic! As such, certified organic medicine was born.

There is a natural intelligence within all medicinal plants. This understanding is resurfacing as humanity strives to provide effective medicines without adverse reactions or chemical addictions. It is no secret that our dependence on the plant kingdom is total. All things evolve from all things. Within this interconnectedness, unity, life supports life.

-Founder, Peter Klapper

The phytochemicals within the medicinal plants used in our treatments are proven to have potent antimicrobial properties. They also act as skin regenerative agents and demonstrate anti-inflammatory properties in human studies. This is so because they contain an incredible biodiversity of natural compounds which provide deep levels of healing. Faced with the enormous possibilities afforded by this complex naturally occurring chemical makeup, medicinal plants represent wildly effective medicines to treat a host of common health conditions especially in the fight against pathologies of a viral, bacterial or fungal nature.

Armed with this knowledge, our medicines are based on both natural wisdom and published scientific research which shows efficacy in treating a wide range of ailments.

Groundbreaking Formulas In Natural Medicine
Creating a new standard in medicine took 11 years of intense research. Our industry experts invested their heart and soul to meet or exceed the rigorous standards required to earn our FDA Registration and USDA Organic certifications. We knew healing could be healthy. After all, many pharmaceuticals are based on botanical compounds which have proven healing qualities utilizing their naturally occurring chemical components.

Our dedication to healthy healing led us down the path of FDA approvals and Certified Organic natural medicine. Forces of Nature’s award winning product line is the result of this dedication.

Finally, to support efficacy, purity, and compliance, all our active ingredients are sent to an independent FDA laboratory to ensure they conform to medicinal standards per US Pharmacopeia requirements. This allows us to use the most pure and effective ingredients and assure you of the safety an FDA Registered medicine delivers.

Our passionate team members all agree it was well worth it to provide you optimal healing results via these groundbreaking medicines.

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