Osteoarthritis Symptoms and Treatment Options

Close up of osteoarthritic hands.

By Dr. Peter Kalpper Ph.D.

Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis which usually occurs in the elderly. Osteoarthritis symptoms stem from a degeneration of cartilage which causes joint pain. The pain is often chronic and can be rather intense. It is estimated that osteoarthritis affects over 25 million Americans. It is known as the "wear and tear" arthritis as it usually develops after many years of living and can affect anyone. It is therefore a progressive disease and has become the most common cause of joint pain. It involves the entire joint, including adjoining muscles and bones.

When one has osteoarthritis, cartilage covering the bones in the joints gradually wears away. Cartilage, in a healthy state, is smooth and allows bones to easily move against each other. When this wears away, the cartilage becomes rough and thin, causing chronic pain in the joints. Common causes can also include previous injuries, aging joints, and obesity. Any joint on the body may be affected although the knee is one the joints of the body most affected by osteoarthritis. Symptoms of osteoarthritis include stiffness and joint pain.

Although there is no officially recognized cure for osteoarthritis yet, there are several osteoarthritis treatment options which help to reduce the symptoms and chances of it becoming worse. Some of the most common recommended by doctors include self-help treatments, weight loss, medicines, non-surgical treatments, surgery, and complementary therapy. These medicines include analgesic painkillers, anti-inflammatory tablets, creams, gels as well as other strong painkillers. Since some of these treatments are man-made, they are known to have side effects like nausea, dizziness, confusion, and an increase in the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Ideally speaking, the best type of treatment for osteoarthritis should be one that is natural and organic. There are several osteoarthritis treatments that are natural. One of the treatments recommended for reducing pain caused by osteoarthritis in the knee is to massaging muscles around the area. The benefit of using our natural joint pain relief is that, unlike other types of common treatments, it does not have any unwanted side effects. Natural and organic osteoarthritis treatments have also been seen to be effective in the treatment of osteoarthritis from as early on as the first application.

Therefore, it stands to reason that natural treatments for osteoarthritis have much more benefits to offer an osteoarthritis patient, than any man-made drug.


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