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Stay Home & Practice Social Distancing

Although we are now being asked to stay home and practice social distancing, might as well make the best of the situation we are handed! It may feel like there are aspects of our lives no longer in our control. However, we don’t have to relinquish all sense of self-control; by practicing mindfulness, seeking out fun activities we haven’t had time to do, taking care of our bodies, and adhering to a routine, we can regain our sense of control and put our minds at ease. I have started to do just this, and it has helped me greatly in regaining my positivity and optimism.
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5 Simple Steps to Follow When Washing Your Hands.

We should all practice good hygiene, washing our hands is the easiest way to protect ourselves and loved ones from getting sick. Researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found evidence that washing hands can reduce the risk of diarrheal disease associated deaths by 42-47% which could save a million lives a year!
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Why Back Pain is an Issue for Athletes and Young Adults- and How We Can Treat It.

While no unusual complaint – back pain is the 5th most common reason for physician visits in the United States- many people don’t realize that back pain can effect individuals of all ages, activity levels, and lifestyles.  In fact, as counterintuitive as it may seem, back pain effects many young adults and athletes, and there’s some big reasons why.
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Living With Plaque Psoriasis

I have been dealing with plaque psoriasis for at least 10 years, long before my official diagnosis two years ago. I have it on my cheeks, my nose, part of my forehead, under my eyebrows, on 75% of my scalp, and when it gets really bad it makes its way to my knuckles on just my right hand. It’s terrible - the burning, itching, the redness - made worse by the fact that I can’t hide those spots where it shows up.
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Statistics, causes, symptoms, and current treatments around the cold and flu.

Cold and flu viruses are highly contagious and adaptive, which explains why according to the Center for Disease and Control (CDC), 8 percent of the U.S. population, on average, gets sick from the flu each season. 
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How One Schoolteacher Takes Measures to Prevent & Alleviate Cold and Flu Symptoms.

Everyone can relate to the dreadful feeling of knowing a cold or flu is coming on, starting with a sore throat, or made evident through the constant sniffles and chills throughout the body. Yet, these may just be the initial symptoms, eventually followed by a week to two-week battle.
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