What causes Skin Tags?

What causes Skin Tags?
By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

There is no known origin of skin tags however the skin tags cause certain annoyance to some people to a certain degree. Skin tags can be hereditary, acquired, or due to the bodily structure of a person. Skin tags usually appear in the parts of the body where there is evidence of skin folds or creases. There is no definite skin tag cause, and it just appears as the person aged. This is a very common skin problem and some people who are beauty conscious are willing to pay the price if the skin tags are totally removed.

Cutaneous skin tags are very common tiny flesh-colored growths that are soggy and soft. They may have stalks or stems that joins the bumps to the skin. Although the skin tags are painless, they can be irritated and swell if constantly picked, touched, or rubbed by clothing or accessories that the person wears. Skin tags can be agitating, especially for people that are always on the go. When the person is in a hurry, some things such as wearing tight clothes, pants, and jewelry can cause a tendency for the skin stags to be touched and rubbed, and the repeated friction can cause irritation and swelling or even snagging.

Skin tags can also be blamed on genetics. According to some findings, if your folks have skin tags there is a big chance that you will also get skin tags. Obese or overweight people can have skin tags growing where their skin folds and creases. Skin tags are not cancerous, or a harmful skin problem compared to herpes and warts. Skin tags are just an overgrowth of skin, so there’s nothing inside of them that makes them harmful.

Skin tags cause some people to be aggravated because the skin can become darker. However, when a skin tag turns darker, it can also be a sign of other skin problems. Melanoma is a form of skin cancer that should be watched for. Any changes in skin color should be brought to the attention of your doctor. If you are not sure if you have skin tags or melanomas, a doctor should diagnose you.

Skin tags on the eyelids or under the eyes can be an annoying and embarrassing. When using our Skin Tag Control Extra Strength always use caution when applying near the eyes. It is best to apply a few drops to a moistened Q-tip to ensure drops do not enter the eye. Skin tags in the armpitneck, or groin area are very common and can become irritated when rubbed against clothing or other skin. But, since skin tags are unattractive to look at, people are eager to get rid of them instantly.

Skin tag removal can be done medically (invasive) or using homeopathic medications. Medical removal is very simple if it is done in the doctor’s office. Tying a surgical thread to cut the blood flow that is supplied to the skin tag can also treat the protruding skin. It will eventually kill the skin tags and they will fall off. You may experience some degree of pain if you freeze or cut the skin tags off and most likely a bit of scarring.

Using homeopathic medication such as our Skin Tag Control Extra Strength is natural and painless alternative. The certified organic formula includes Northern White Cedar both in essential form and homeopathically. This works to dry out skin tags when applied topically while supporting the immune system. Marigold and Lavender heal damaged skin leaving behind clean, healthy skin. Finally, certified organic Tea Tree oil has also been concentrated in this natural skin tag remover for its antimicrobial properties. When application is followed as directed you can expect the skin tag to dry up and fall off in 1-2 weeks.

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