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Cedrus atlantica

Atlas Cedar

Commonly known as Atlas cedar, is a species of evergreen coniferous tree native to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and Algeria in North Africa. It is used in aromatherapy and essential oils, medicinal purposes, and has symbolic significance in its region.
Cedrus atlantica


Atlas cedar




Cedrus atlantica is an expectorant, anti-inflammatory, and aromatic.


Atlas cedar benefits include respiratory relief, helping clear up acne or oily skin, and has anti-inflammatory properties. 


    Cedrus atlantica is known for its ornamental and commercial uses but has many benefits when used medicinally. When used as an essential oil and in aromatherapy, Atlas cedar is known to create a calming and grounding effect that helps with stress reduction. It also helps with congestion and coughs and is used to treat various respiratory ailments. The oil from Cedrus atlantica can clear up oil for acne or oily skin and used to treat skin ailments like warts. Lastly, the cedarwood oil from Cedrusatlantica can help relieve inflammation or joint discomfort. 


    There are many uses of Cedrus atlantica including essential oil production which makes it available for topical use. The oil can be used in massage oil blends for calming and grounding effects and used in skin products to treat issues such as acne or oily skin. It can also be inhaled to promote relaxation and reduce stress. While used for many medicinal purposes, Cedrus atlantica is also used in timber and wood products such as crafting furniture, flooring, and other woodworking projects. 


    Cedrus atlantica has a robust history in its local regions of the Atlas Mountains and has been used in native cultures for centuries. The cedar wood was highly valued for its durability and resistance to decay and was used in building structures and ships. On top of its building capabilities, Cedrus atlantica holds a cultural and symbolic significance as it is associated with strength and endurance. Today it is used not only in essential oils but also in the perfume and fragrance industry.

When Cedrus atlantica Helps With

Skin Care

Depurative properties cleanse the blood, providing internal relief for acne and skin disorders.


With its antifungal properties, it targets problematic areas, addressing fungi at their roots. Regular use aids in eliminating fungi and preventing their recurrence.

Sanitizing Wounds

Possessing antiseptic qualities, it can prevent infections when topically applied to surface wounds.


Deodorizes, repels insects, prevents mildew, enhances mental clarity, promotes relaxation, and supports quality sleep.

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