5 Natural Ways to Relieve Migraine Pain

Woman coloring to reduce migraine triggers
By Marina Medved-Lentini

June is National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month

Natural migraine relief remedies are part of my migraine toolkit, in addition to medications. I rely on natural remedies during migraine attacks to abort them or decrease their severity. These tools may help when my medications aren’t working or when I can’t take any medications because I already took the allotted number for the week. As you may already know, taking acute medications too frequently may contribute to rebound headaches (medication overuse headaches) and worsen migraine disease. 

I find a multimodal approach the most effective when managing migraine. With preventative medications and treatments, lifestyle changes, and natural migraine relief treatments, I have been able to significantly reduce the number of monthly migraine days. I am always trying new treatments and products to try to help to relieve my migraine symptoms. 

Here are the five natural migraine relief remedies I currently use to manage migraine:

1. Hot and cold therapy, which you can get from many different types of products, can help tremendously during a migraine attack. Heating pads that wrap around your neck and shoulders can help ease neck pain, a frequent migraine symptom for many. While cold packs, specifically those you can wear like a headband, are an excellent natural migraine relief strategy. While it depends on the person which therapy will work for them, it is worthy trying this simple and natural migraine relief remedy. 

2. Migraine glasses are essential to anyone who experiences light sensitivity. I wear my light sensitivity lenses when using my phone, working on the computer, or watching TV. You’ll find me wearing them while I’m browsing the aisles of Target or waiting for my kids at their tennis or karate lessons.

3. Earplugs are a great way to reduce noise for those with sound sensitivity. Whether your kids are being loud, your workplace is bustling, or you are somewhere crowded. You can still hear, but the earplugs help take the edge off of the noise.

4. Stress management tools such as medication, yoga, gentle movement, and hobbies such as an adult coloring book are great ways to manage stress. More than 80% of people with migraine disorders report stress as a trigger. While yoga may not be what you use to reduce stress, finding what works for you is crucial in managing stress and migraine attacks.

5. Forces of Nature organic plant medicine is also part of my migraine toolkit. The Migraine Pain Relief rollerball helps relieve migraine symptoms, including nausea. The Sleep Well rollerball helps promote deep, restful sleep. Consistent sleep is necessary for managing migraine attacks. The Calm Mood dropper helps relieve stress and reduce anxiety and worry. Forces of Nature creates safe, organic natural remedies for various ailments for everyone in your family. 

While there is currently no cure for migraine, there is hope. There are treatments that can help you manage your migraine disease by significantly reducing the frequency or severity of your symptoms. It is vital to try different treatments and work on reducing as many triggers as possible. I have plenty of bad days, but I am so grateful for all the good days and sometimes weeks. I will continue to hold on to hope and strive to find what works best for me when managing migraine. I hope you do too.

Marina Medved-Lentini is the founder of Parenting With Migraine, dedicated to helping people with migraine, especially parents, live a more empowered life by offering education, support, and hope. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and two children. When she is not working or being a migraine advocate, she enjoys gardening, listening to audiobooks, and spending time with her family.

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