About using essential oils and medicinal plants.

About using essential oils and medicinal plants.
By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

Faced with the enormous therapeutic actions provided by chemotype essential oils and certified organic homeopathic medicines, the fight against pathogens of a viral, fungal or bacterial nature becomes winnable using these natural substances.  Critically, they work without causing adverse reactions or addictions.

This becomes relevant because once you identify the chemotype of essential oils and herbal medicines, you can in like ways predict the properties and therapeutic effect they possess.

A consequence of this new resurgence of plant medicine is that more and more doctors, health practitioners, and hospitals are adopting these medicinal plants and essential oils into their arsenal of therapeutic aides to treat and prevent common ailments.  

Certainly, when using these substances to treat diseases, only plant material grown and harvested under certified organic standards suitable for medicinal use are accepted, they understandably yield the highest therapeutic effect. Unfortunately, due to inordinate demand, the essential oil industry has become inundated with low grade oils for the perfume and detergent industries. Those are to be avoided for medicinal use. 

USDA Certified Organic represents your guarantee that plants and starting materials have not been sprayed with toxic pesticides and have been harvested under sublime growing conditions. The USDA Certified Organic status is amongst the highest purity standard available.

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