Beating the Itch: Your Guide for Dealing with Scalp Ringworm

Ringworm in hairline
By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

Have you noticed your scalp itching more than normal? If you have ruled out conditions such as dry skin on your scalp, the itching may be caused by scalp ringworm. Despite its name, ringworm isn’t actually a worm, but a fungus infection on the scalp. Scalp ringworm, specifically, is known as tinea capitis, and affects the scalp and hair but, luckily, is very treatable. In this blog, we will dive into everything you need to know about scalp ringworm and how to treat it.

Understanding Scalp Ringworm
First off, it’s important to understand that scalp ringworm is caused by a group of fungi known as dermatophytes. These fungi thrive in warm and moist environments, making ringworm on the head an ideal breeding ground. The infection is highly contagious and can be transmitted through direct contact with an infected person, contaminated objects, or even animals

Kitten with ringworm

So, how do you know if it is scalp ringworm or another scalp condition?

There are several types of conditions that can cause itchy symptoms like scalp ringworm, such as scalp psoriasis, scabies, lice, dandruff, atopic dermatitis, and hives, but what sets scalp ringworm apart is the physical appearance it has on the head.

Recognizing Scalp Ringworm Symptoms: Common signs and itch factors
Similar to its name, scalp ringworm is known for the circular, red, scaly patches it creates on the scalp. Other common symptoms may include:

  1. Hair loss in affected areas, resulting in bald patches.
  2. Brittle or broken hair near the affected areas.
  3. Swollen lymph nodes.
  4. Low grade fever.
  5. Sometimes small pustules or blisters may form on the scalp.

Treatment Options
With a condition as uncomfortable and many times embarrassing, we’re happy to reveal that there are treatment options for scalp ringworm. However, first it’s important to consult with your healthcare professional for an examination so that you can receive a proper diagnosis.  This will most likely include a visual examination of your scalp and an extraction of hair or skin in your affected area for a fungal culture.

Once diagnosed, treatments may include:
Antifungal Medications can be oral or topical and are typically prescribed by a healthcare provider. Oral antifungals are usually recommended for more severe cases, while topical creams are suitable for milder infections.

Over-the-Counter Shampoos containing antifungal ingredients like ketoconazole or selenium sulfide may help manage mild cases of scalp ringworm. However, be aware that medicated shampoos help prevent the fungus from spreading but don’t kill ringworm.

Natural, Homepathic Antifungals

Try A Natural Approach: If you’re looking for a natural approach to treating your ringworm, give Forces of Nature Ringworm Antifungal Remedy a try. This natural ringworm treatment features our unique dual-action approach for healing. We combine homeopathic medicines with a pronounced anti-fungal effect with potent essential oils to heal damaged and itchy skin.  


Home Remedies for ringworm are another great way to combat the itching. Whether it’s rinsing with apple cider vinegar or dabbing the scalp with tea tree oil or coconut oil. Many home remedies can provide relief to an itchy scalp.

Moving Forward
Scalp ringworm is much easier to manage the earlier you detect it, and prevention is always better than a cure. Moving forward, be sure to practice good hygiene and wash your hair and scalp regularly, especially if you have been in contact with someone that is infected. Avoid sharing personal items such as combs, brushes, and hats, and be cautious around any pets that may have bald spots in their fur.

If you have recently been diagnosed with scalp ringworm, be consistent with your medications even if your symptoms improve. If you stop treatment too soon, the infection may resurface. And remember, this is a treatable condition and the more proactive you are in noticing your symptoms and then getting them treated, the faster it will be resolved.

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