What Causes External Hemorrhoids?

What Causes External Hemorrhoids?

By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

External hemorrhoids are a condition that causes the veins around the anus, and lower rectum to become swollen, and inflamed. Straining while lifting on the job, standing or being on your feet all day, sitting in one position all day, are a few of the causes of external hemorrhoids. Other factors that contribute to external hemorrhoids include, anal intercourse, aging, chronic constipation, diarrhea, and pregnancy. External hemorrhoid treatment will be a necessity with all of the above conditions.

Things to Avoid with Hemorrhoids

  • Heavy lifting should be avoided if possible, this causes strain
  • Standing out in the cold causes one to shiver and tense the abdomen thus causing strain. Dress warmly if you have no choice in the matter.
  • Coughing causes strain, if a person is a smoker and has a smoker cough, they will never eliminate the hemorrhoids unless they stop smoking. Health care providers will inform a patient that external hemorrhoid treatment will not be as successful if they continue to smoke.

      Treating External Hemorrhoids
      Ask a health care provider to recommend a stool softener, for external hemorrhoid treatment. Laxatives are too harsh for most patients because they may cause irritation, and complications.  Stools that are soft cause less, if any, discomfort. Cleaning the hemorrhoid area after each bowel movement with a soft, moist cloth, or baby wipe will also aid in external hemorrhoid treatment. Applying a prescribed external hemorrhoid treatment as in an ointment will lubricate the hemorrhoids and ease the pain.

      Treatment During Pregnancy
      Pregnant women should notify the health care provider at the first sign of hemorrhoids, they can become dangerous if they rupture and bleed. The pressure of the fetus in the abdomen, and hormonal changes cause the vessels to enlarge. Hemorrhoids are placed under a great deal of stress during childbirth therefore, external hemorrhoid treatment will be necessary throughout the pregnancy. External hemorrhoid treatment will aid in the disappearance of hemorrhoids that occurred during pregnancy they usually disappear within a few weeks of delivery.

      External hemorrhoids treatment may be necessary when painful purple lumps appear around the anal area. Untreated hemorrhoids may cause thrombosis, which is caused by the external swelling of the veins; this area is very tender and is given to palpitations. Bleeding is not a usual occurrence unless there has been an erosion of the overlying skin. Whenever bleeding is apparent a health care provider should be notified immediately so that external hemorrhoid treatment can be administered.

      Tight fit clothing will tend to irritate the hemorrhoids and cause a need for external hemorrhoid treatment. Excessive straining, rubbing, or cleaning around the anus may cause irritation with bleeding, and itching, a mucus discharge will also cause itching. These systems will cause tremendous stress, it is hard to function while one is in pain, therefore, see a health care provider for external hemorrhoid treatment.

      Obesity is a problem in the United States that we are constantly hearing or reading about. People that are obese have far more difficulties with hemorrhoids then those who are not. The pressure on the body just performing daily routines such as standing, sitting, walking, and bowel movements, cause a great deal of stress on the rectum. External hemorrhoid treatment is essential in these patients lives.

      Dietary Changes to Make with External Hemorrhoids
      Changing your daily routine will work wonders in the lives of those that relying on external hemorrhoid treatment daily. It is recommended to have 20-30 grams of fiber in our daily diets, usually at most we may have 15 grams. Common sources of fiber are apples, barley, beans, citrus fruit, vegetables, oats, peas, psyllium seed, squash, and strawberries. This will make for softer stools and aid in external hemorrhoid treatment.

      Instead of sugar-coated cereal, or pop tarts for breakfast, do the children, and yourself a favor serve whole grain cereal with fruit, whole grain muffins, or toast, with fruit juice. For lunch a sandwich of whole grain bread, with turkey, fruit, and fresh vegetable sticks, fruit, vegetable juice, or water. Taking lunch to work, instead of going through a fast food drive up window, may be a pleasant change. Ask a friend to bring their lunch also and take a walk outdoors this will not only be a pleasant change, but it will give you exercise as well. Use these suggestions for preparing dinner also, and afterward the whole family can take a walk, or use this for some much-needed alone time. Just by modifying your daily routine a little, external hemorrhoid treatment may become a thing of the past. Not only will the family become healthier, and slimmer they may never have the need for external hemorrhoid treatment.

      Sitz baths, soaking in a warm bath twice a day for fifteen to twenty minutes is a simple external hemorrhoid treatment. This external hemorrhoid treatment will shrink the hemorrhoids down in size, dry with warm soft towel and apply a topical external hemorrhoid treatment.

      Ask a health care provider before using any over the counter products, or home remedies for external hemorrhoid treatment. Problems in the genital, and anal area can be more serious then hemorrhoids; your health care provider should be notified immediately.

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