Embracing Fall: How to Beat the End-of-Summer Blues with Positivity

Embracing Fall: How to Beat the End-of-Summer Blues with Positivity
By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

And just like that, summer is gone, and fall has made its color-changing appearance. There’s no doubt that autumn brings beauty, but for some, the shorter days, busier schedules, less sunshine and cold breeze can also bring end-of-summer blues, too.

We get it, especially if you live in a colder climate that limits warmer days and the chance to do activities best enjoyed in the sun. Regardless of the cause of this seasonal sadness, the transition from summer to fall can be hard. However, there are ways to “beat the end-of-summer blues with positivity.”

Coping Strategies
Just because summer has ended doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate those fun memories. Whether that is reflecting on that last camping or boating trip, printing out photos and framing them of your favorite summer adventure, or even flipping through your phone and reflecting on your favorite videos.

Other ways to cope may look like:

  • Diving into a new hobby or activity
  • Continuing to do exercises you loved from the summer, just bundling up more.
  • Planning your next beach vacation or to somewhere with a warm climate

 But more than ever, sometimes the best coping strategy is giving-in and embracing everything about the fall.

Embracing The Fall
With the weather changing, now is the time to invest your energy into making your home a warm and cozy place to spend this season. Whether that is decorating your house with fall décor, spending some time decluttering, purchasing a new blanket, lighting candles, or finding your favorite fall movie to watch.

If you miss being outside, think of looking up some scenic fall hikes near you or hit up a pumpkin patch with family and friends. Do you like to cook? Maybe try a new fun fall recipe.

Staying Healthy This Fall Season
As we stated above, seasonal transitions include less daylight and cooler weather, which increases the likelihood for a person to catch a cold.  It’s important to focus not only on your mental health by being sure to get enough sleep, engaging in hobbies and activities and seeking help when necessary, but also your physical health, too.

This time of year is the start of flu season, so it’s important to be proactive and boost your immune system, wear appropriate clothes for the weather, wash your hands, stay hydrated, eat well and exercise regularly.

Remember that change is a constant part of life, and each season brings its own unique beauty. Embracing the fall season with positivity can lead to new discoveries and a deeper appreciation for the simple joys that come with this time of year.

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