Getting my Sinuses Under Control Helped Improve my Asthma

How Getting my Sinuses Under Control Helped Improve my Asthma
By Josephine A

Everyone can relate to the feeling of being congested, having a runny nose, and getting headaches or facial pain. These are all symptoms of sinus problems. Recurrent pain from sinus problems is unpleasant and distracting from daily responsibilities and enjoyment. There is nothing worse than trying to work and simultaneously trying to manage a headache or runny nose. When this happens, I often find myself attempting to massage away the pain, thinking this could help relieve some of the pressure. Unfortunately, as we know, this does not work, and more action is needed. In fact, chronic sinus problems are one of the most common issues patients face. According to the Center for Disease and Control (CDC), 13 percent of American adults are diagnosed with sinusitis every year. Therefore, the level of morbidity is high for many people.

Part of the reason for the prevalence in sinus problems is that they are interrelated to other health occurrences, such as asthma and allergies. Getting my sinuses under control helps to improve my asthma, and vice versa, since people who have allergies, asthma, structural blockages in the sinuses or nose, or those with weak immune systems are at greater risk. As someone who experiences year-round allergies and asthma-related health problems, I must take into consideration these components of my health that may cause sinus problems. One such allergen I struggle with is pet dander since many people have pets in their homes, making it hard to avoid this exposure. Exposure often leaves me with nasal congestion, wheezing, and a runny nose. However, taking preventative measures has helped with this feeling and made it easier to be around allergens without feeling fidgety and having to constantly touch my face.

As someone with various health issues, immunotherapy is a solution I value due to its’ adherence to the root cause of the problem, and therefore acting as a prevention method. I find that often in health care, patients and personnel are looking for a quick cure to problems. Of course, this is not always an issue, as some problems require a quick cure or alleviation of pain. However, I believe more focus on prevention and the diversity of causes associated with health problems is extremely beneficial and saves a lot of time, work, and pain in the long run. Therefore, I appreciate Forces of Nature’s products.

Sinus Maximum Strength sublingual immunotherapy drops not only addresses prevention of sinus problems, but also is a holistic approach that considers the individual and the diversity of health issues each person faces. By addressing prevention, every individual can benefit from this product, as it helps to strengthen immunity, which is necessary to fight off any infection. Improving sinus health will improve overall health!


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