How One Schoolteacher Takes Measures to Prevent & Alleviate Cold and Flu Symptoms.

How One Schoolteacher Takes Measures to Prevent & Alleviate Cold and Flu Symptoms.

By Josephine A.

Everyone can relate to the dreadful feeling of knowing a cold or flu is coming on, starting with a sore throat, or made evident through the constant sniffles and chills throughout the body. Yet, these may just be the initial symptoms, eventually followed by a week to two-week battle. With long days of work ahead, we may find ourselves 2-4 days in bed, unable to take care of responsibilities, or maybe we are working through the symptoms without addressing them. As a schoolteacher and educational assistant, losing days of work means losing the time I get to work with students. In an environment thriving with illnesses, I must take some measures to prevent or alleviate cold and flu symptoms. Especially considering I have other health conditions that may be affected. Forces of Nature Cold & Flu Maximum Strength ImmuneDrops addresses this broad spectrum of health intervention, from prevention to alleviation.

I have lived with asthma my whole life, and I greatly appreciate the quality, safety, and effectiveness of Forces of Nature’s products. Having a cold or flu can be a great burden on my asthma, often paving the way for weeks on end of post-infectious coughing that keeps me up at night. In addition, my worsening asthma conditions can lead me to become more fatigued due to a lack of oxygen intake. Also, working with children, I have to be extra cautious on my health and wellbeing. During my first year of teaching, I experienced cold and flu symptoms more in one year than I had in a long time. I am sure people with children or who work with children can understand this sentiment. Sometimes hand sanitizer and other preventative measures aren’t enough, especially when new strains of the flu appear every year. Therefore, I find it important to seek out alternative preventative measures that are holistic and prevent the problem before it occurs.

Forces of Nature Cold & Flu Maximum Strength ImmuneDrops is the holistic and preventative method I was looking for. The product is a homeopathic approach to health that considers myself as a whole person; someone with specific social, environmental, and biological conditions that together have an effect on my health and wellbeing. I value the holistic approach Forces of Nature strives for; this means an approach that addresses the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social aspects of a person. In this way, their values reach beyond treating a disease or illness, to pushing for a long-lasting cure. Health is more than the absence of a disease; rather, it means the ability of a system, i.e. the immune system, to endure and adapt to environmental challenges. From this perspective, a disease is not localized, and is instead a result of an imbalance in the whole individual. This reminds me of recent studies pointing to the connection between the mind and gut microbes, and how mental health can have an effect on the gut due to the web of neurons that weaves through the gut.  The complexity of the human body seen through this study reminds me that health is holistic. Cold & Flu Maximum Strength ImmuneDrops is a product I appreciate because of the alignment with these values and the perspective of the company that delivers them.

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