How to Survive the Holidays & Avoid Burnout

Smiling family having holiday dinner at dinner table.
By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

The holidays are upon us and while they bring so much joy, love, and overall fun, they can be downright exhausting. Believe us, we get it. Between all the planning that goes into a holiday meal, party and get togethers, you may feel emotionally depleted. That said, we’re here to offer up tips on” How to Survive the Holidays and Avoid Burnout” this season.

Get Enough Sleep
If you’re not sleeping well, you won’t have the energy to host or be social during holiday parties. In fact, adults need more than 7 hours per night of good, quality sleep. If you find yourself stressed and wide awake from the stress surrounding the holidays, we have the perfect natural solution for you.

Our “Sleep Well,” roll-on sleep aid allows you to wake in the morning feeling refreshed, well-rested, and not groggy, as can be experienced with other sleep aids. Sleep Well has a very pleasant naturally occurring herbal scent and the volatile esters have a sedative effect which allows you to fall asleep quickly providing deep rest.

Boost Your Immune System
One thing we know about stress is that it can lower your immune system, which is the last thing you need during the busy holiday season. Not to mention, in general, your immune system is weaker during the winter. Whether you are proactive and take more vitamins or consume more vitamin rich foods, it’s important to be on top of it during the winter. 

We also suggest boosting your immune system with our “Cold and Flu Maximum Strength” as a way to not only treat your cold but prevent one as well.  By adding a few drops to your drinking water and sipping throughout the day to boost your immune system may help prevent cold and flu symptoms from forming.

Nothing helps relieve stress like exercising, but we understand it can be hard when it’s cold outside. However, a nice winter stroll might be exactly what you need to unwind from the day. Layer up and head outside for a nature walk to take in the cool crisp air, mixed with breath-taking winter scenery.

Prioritize Yourself
Remember, despite being the party planner or “hostess with the mostess,” you’re allowed to take a break and prioritize yourself with some self-care. If you’re not feeling your best, it’s hard to be your best for everyone else. Whether that looks like reading a book by the fire, a hot stone massage, or just taking a warm bath, be sure to find some time for YOU.

If that doesn’t seem like enough to take off the edge, try our Calm Mood relief oil. Our natural anxiety relief medication helps to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, worry, nervous tension, irritability, and any overwhelming feelings of everyday life without drowsy or sluggish side effects.

Eat well
The holidays tend to be filled with baked goods, alcohol, red meat, and fattening foods. That can be the best part, right? However, if you’re already dealing with a lot of stress or a condition like migraine, these types of food can be a recipe for disaster. Of course, you should partake in the holiday eating but do so in moderation. Try and keep to your normal food intake schedule with lots of small meals to promote more energy.

And if you do find yourself dealing a migraine attack from food or stress, think about trying our natural migraine medicine. This roll-on relief will quickly ease the severe throbbing and pulsing sensation, nausea, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound that occur with the onset of a migraine. 

Take Care of Your Children’s Stress, Too
Believe it or not, kids feel stress from the holidays, too. Again, the holidays are a wonderful time, but with the extra events, increase in sugar consumption, and potential loss in sleep, your little ones can feel the stress.

You can combat this by making sure they’re getting outside, keeping to their normal routine, and making time for some peace and quiet to regulate. However, if you find that isn’t enough, think about considering trying out new line of Kids' Health & Wellness.

Sleep Well for children is an over-the-counter natural sleep aid created to help kids sleep soundly without any harmful side effects. Unlike melatonin and herbal supplements, Sleep Well Kids blend plant-based ingredients that are safe & effective to reduce sleeplessness and restless sleep without harmful side effects or leaving your child feeling groggy the next day.

Calm Mood Kids helps manage and ease mood swings and irritability in children. This certified organic natural and homeopathic medicine is safe & effective to reduce anxiety, stress, and worry, so it can help ease over-excited minds.

Practice Mindfulness and Gratitude
Sometimes, the best way to relieve stress is to practice mindfulness and gratitude. Afterall, the holidays are a time to reflect on friends, family, and what makes us grateful. So, rather than focus on what is stressing you out, take a minute at night to take a deep breath and think of what you’re thankful for this holiday season.

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