What is Matricaria chamomilla?

What is Matricaria chamomilla?
By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

There are four distinguishable chemotypes of German Chamomile. Of those, the a-bisoblol type performs the dynamic healing properties associated with true German Chamomile. This is the chemotype that has been most widely researched. As a result, the most knowledge of its pharmacological actions exists.

The long list of uses available to German chamomile in studies in indeed impressive. What has been found is that German chamomile type a bisabolol contains anti-inflammatory properties, this is particularly beneficial to treat dermatitis and skin disorders.  As a result, it is concentrated in our Eczema Control, Fissure Control, Psoriasis Control, and Rosacea Control treatments. This anti-inflammatory action also has benefit to ease muscle and joint pain. It is thus featured in many of Forces of Nature’s Pain Management products including Joint Pain, Muscle Pain, Nerve Pain, and Gout Pain.

The second main phytochemical in German chamomile is chamazulene which reaches a rather high 6.66% in the Nepalese variety. The corresponding oil from the distillation is a very rich vibrant royal blue color. What is fascinating is that the blue color of the oil comes from the release of these chamazulenes via steam distillation. There is nothing blue about German chamomile to the naked eye in its natural state.

It is these chamazulenes which have shown to demonstrate a pronounced effect to ease neuropathy from post herpetic neuralgia, often experienced during and after shingles and herpes outbreaks. Of further benefit, the essential oil derived from German Chamomile, although extremely rare in its pure organic form, is devoid of toxicity, and thus serves as a highly agreeable and sought-after agent to reduce inflammation. 

Cost of USDA Certified Organic German Chamomile oil in its unadulterated form has unfortunately skyrocketed to thousands of dollars per liter. As a result, it is almost never found in over-the-counter medicines, thus making Forces of Nature’s treatments that much more desirable and unmatched in their comprehensive ingredient profile.

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