World Homeopathy Awareness Week Pt.2

World Homeopathy Awareness Week Pt.2
By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

How Can We Use Natural Remedies?
We can use homeopathic remedies in almost the same way we use modern drugs or medications. As first aid we can use homeopathic remedies to treat sudden ailments. Some are also amazing for treating cuts, burns, and bruises.

There are numerous examples of herbs that are a great addition to any first aid kit. Belladonna, aconite, and ferrum phos are great palliatives for sudden onset fever and flu-like symptoms. Also, one of the best active ingredients for treating bruises is arnica.

To treat symptoms in an acute setting, a natural remedy can be prescribed for the symptoms of underlying conditions. For example, diarrhea can be addressed with podophyllum. In its powdered resin form, it provides temporary relief from diarrhea. A homeopath can prescribe it along with Arsenicum pills for more severe cases. Lavender essential oils have been touted for their effectiveness in anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

The Benefits of Homeopathic Medicine
To this very day, homeopathic remedies enjoy continued usage. This is due to the benefits they have over many chemically produced medications. Here are some of the pros of using homeopathic remedies:

No Toxicity
Due to the dilution of the active ingredient, the chances of suffering from toxicity are low. In fact, there may be no toxicity at all even from repeated use!

No Side-Effects
Homeopathic remedies are derived from natural substances. These naturally occurring substances have been in use for a long time.

To this day, there does not seem to be any mention of severe side effects.

It Is Holistic
Homeopaths act as doctors and pharmacists. They diagnose, intervene, and treat ailments. As well, they also prepare remedies.

Part of preparing and prescribing remedies is getting a thorough assessment of a person. This assessment goes beyond the physical. Homeopaths inquire about other aspects of a person’s life like his job, relationships, and stressors.

Using this data, a homeopath prepares a remedy that fits the specific circumstance and predisposition of his patient. As a result, the remedy aims to treat not just the illness, but the whole person.

It is medicine for all ages. Homeopathic remedies produce almost no side effects and have a nearly non-existent toxicity level. As a result, these natural remedies are safe for everybody regardless of age.

Try a holistic approach to health and wellness. Homeopathy provides a safe, non-toxic alternative to modern conventional medications. These remedies can be used for many of the usual ailments you may have.

Since its humble beginnings, it has remained a popular and effective treatment pathway. Not only is it effective, but homeopathy is also holistic in its approach and delivery. So, when you feel under the weather, visit your local homeopath.

This is a two part blog, click here to read the first part.



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