Natural Medicine

What sets us aside from every other medicine?

Our products contain the golden key that unlocks the evolutionary forces of nature.
 -Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.
Our Unique Dual Action Approach to Medicine
Well, we have created a new and advanced dual action approach to healing unlike anything you will find in your medicine cabinet.
We combine certified organic homeopathic medicines with certified organic concentrated essential oils to treat specific ailments. This one-two combination delivers an incredibly powerful and effective result to safely treat common ailments. Homeopathic medicine works with your body on a systemic level to fight and prevent illness from the root of the cause. Essential oils cleanse and soothe while promoting healthy skin. These two modalities deliver superior effectiveness when combined for fast, therapeutic healing while some medicine just suppress symptoms.
No other natural medicine today offers this revolutionary formulation. Each treatment delivers a pharmacological action which provides a profound healing effect.

Clean Medicine for a Clear Mind

We created the world's first line of USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Leaping Bunny Certified and FDA Registered over the counter medicine because we believe you deserve better options when it comes to your health and family. This was no small feat as we have nearly 200 medicinal plant extracts in our lab.
Clean Medicine
USDA Certified Organic guarantees a gold standard in quality and purity of every product.
Pure Ingredients
Non-GMO Project Verified ensures our medicines don’t and will never contain genetically modified (GMO) ingredients ever!
We Care
Non-GMO Leaping Bunny Certified because we care about our furry friends. We never test on animals or use animal byproducts in any of our ingredients.

Pure Ingredients Always

The Purer the Ingredient, The Greater Its Potency

We use only the purest USDA Certified Organic Ingredients in our medicines. All active ingredients are tested for purity and potency. Only those extracts which pass purity standards are blended in our treatments. By insisting on this quality standard, we avoid any additional unwanted chemicals, which can slow down healing, or in some cases, worsen conditions. As a result, our formulas deliver maximum effectiveness with each and every application. We accept nothing but the very best as we think you would too.

Grown By Farmers Dedicated To Your Health

We care about the impact of our treatments on your health and the planet. So much so that we source and work with only the best medicinal plants available. Our therapeutic grade ingredients arrive directly from small, USDA Certified Organic farms located far from civilization and pollution sources. We source from the pristine Australian coastlines, too high in the Nepalese Himalayan Mountains.