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Picea mariana

Black Spruce

Commonly known as “black spruce,” is native to North America, specifically Canada. Various parts of the black spruce can be used for therapeutic properties, including resin, needles, and bark.  
Picea mariana


Black spruce




Picea mariana is an antiseptic, expectorant, astringent, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is a circulatory stimulant.


Picea mariana has many benefits including respiratory support, clearing mucus and congestion, soothing sore muscles, decreasing inflammation and helps support the immune system. 


    Black spruce has long been used by indigenous peoples for various medicinal purposes. For years, various parts of the tree have been used for its benefits including resin (used to treat wounds) and needles (used for respiratory issues such as colds and coughs). Black spruce extracted into an oil is also used to alleviate joint pain, relax muscles, and soothe both the mind and body.


    Picea mariana or black spruce can be used topically to relieve muscle or joint pain. It can also be ingested in tea or by steam inhalation for respiratory relief.In addition to medicinal use, black spruce is used in construction and can be processed into lumber for various purposes. 


    Black spruce has played a significant role in healing and traditional medicine for indigenous peoples in North America. Beyond its medicinal applications, black spruce holds a cultural and spiritual significance and is often considered a sacred tree. For many, the healing is beyond just the physical realm and includes healing the spiritual well-being. It is used for ceremonial purposes including purification and blessings.

When Picea mariana Helps With


Anti-inflammatory properties help relieve pain from swollen joints and sore muscles by reducing redness and inflammation.

Respiratory system

Natural expectorant promotes open airways and helps to clear mucus and congestion.

Mental Fatigue

Acknowledged for its ability to strengthen and support the adrenal glands during stress and fatigue.

Antifungal & Antibacterial

Antimicrobial components, such as a-pinene and b-pinene, it possesses the capability to combat bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

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Cindy Crawford