Defining Gout and Exploring Treatment Options

Defining Gout and Exploring Treatment Options

By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

What is gout?
Gout is suffered mostly by middle aged men, though by no means exclusively. There also is a hereditary link as well. In medical terms, gout is caused by high levels of uric acid in the blood. Where uric acid becomes concentrated in certain joints, the toes are the favorites, crystals form and cause intense pain and inflammation.

What are gout symptoms?
Primarily, experiences of patients who have the problem surround gout in the foot and various lower leg areas, as gout pain can be extensive in the leg and foot during walking, standing, and running.

However, the underlying problem is generally poor liver function. The liver has many roles; among them is acting as the chemical post office for the body. It organizes the storage and subsequent disposal of toxic waste either of the body's own making or of ingested materials such as drugs or toxins (including alcohol).

An attack of gout occurs when the liver is no longer able to process any more than is essential. Many people who experience gout problems do so because of weight gain issues, either in part due to sedentary lifestyles and problems, or related to medications, health issues, and other events that prevent them from exercising, remaining mobile, and remaining at a healthy weight.

What are causes of gout disease?
Too much red meat, heavy cheeses, or alcohol can easily be enough to tip the balance. Rather than create immediate and serious liver damage, the body does something more subtle. It sends the excess toxic waste in the form of uric acid to the furthest extremity of the body, to be stored as crystals in the convenient spaces between the bones of the toes where it will do the least damage to the vital functioning of the liver.

As such, a gout diet is often prescribed to patients to make it a focus on weight loss and strengthening their body through exercise and activity. Gout remedies take on more characteristics and traits than just a diet, though, as gout pain can be excruciatingly serious and require significant intervention for relief.

What are gout treatments?
As far as gout treatment is concerned, pills or supplements taken internally take time to process through the system. Therefore, it makes sense to apply a topical analgesic to provide immediate pain relief. Natural gout remedies exist so that people can avoid serious prescription medications and powerful drugs with powerful side effects. In addition, home remedies for gout are ideal for people who want to treat their gout through a mixture of natural and homeopathic solutions, and things like exercise and weight loss.

Treatments for gout takes time, but it is possible to get the most out of your treatment and find gout cures that work for you, through consistent health behavior and quality of life improvements over time. Gout pain does go away, and gout relief can come in time, but it takes consistent and committed treatment for gout to make this possible in most patients.

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