The Power of Homeopathic Remedies and Medicinal Plants

Plant medicine

By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

A key concept to remember with homeopathic remedies and medicinal plants is the diversity of nature. Most medicinal plants are composed of several hundred natural occurring chemicals which have therapeutic properties. This chemical structure, and subsequent healing agents, are so diverse and abstract they cannot be measured by today’s most sophisticated laboratories. It is incredibly profound.

The beauty of homeopathic medicines is that they capture and release the energetic essence of the healing potential of the plant. These phytochemicals are in perfect biochemical harmony with the human system as we come from the same evolutionary pathway. As a result, they are readily absorbed by the cellular make up of our system.

Indeed, the appearance of double-blind studies showing efficacy of homeopathic medicines is appearing more and more in American medical journals. It can no longer be ignored that this system of medicine is undeniably proven effective, incredibly affordable, and basically devoid of adverse reactions. It truly represents a go to medicine when treating common ailments. If problems persist seek medical care as there could be a more serious underlying condition.

We are now seeing a great resurgence of natural medicine and homeopathy in the USA. It has become increasingly more common throughout the entire country. There is greater and greater consumer interest, a fact that has not been lost upon pharma as several pharmaceutical companies have outright purchased homeopathic drug companies as they see this as the future with a huge following. This is akin to oil companies investing in solar and wind research as energy sources.

Big pharma is clever. They see the future and know the changes are happening towards a more natural and holistic approach to well-being. By acquiring a financial stake in homeopathy, these drug companies are attempting to ride the wave of the increasing popularity of this proven effective form of medicine.

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