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By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

Learn all about lavender today! Lavandula (common name lavender) is a very popular flower in the Lamiaceae family. Used for it’s amazing smell, beautiful color and medicinal plant qualities. It’s not just a single plant but is an entire genus of over 40 known species of flowering plants in the mint family that grow all over the globe. It prefers dry and temperate climates, which is why northern & eastern Africa, the Mediterranean, southwest Asia and southeast India region has become a mainstay of production.

Lavender is not new. It has been popular since Roman times, and the name “lavender” is actually from the Latin word “lavare”; which means to wash or to clean. It is believed that Lavender was used heavily in the Roman Baths- and thus was named after its purpose of cleansing. Pedanius Dioscorides, a Greek Naturalist, was the first to document the medicinal attributes in the first century A.D. During the Middle Ages, Lavender was considered an aphrodisiac, and often used in potions created for seduction.

The beautiful smell aside, there are many medicinal uses for lavender. It is often used for disturbance of sleep, depression, nervousness, or over-active digestion. As a topical, Lavender has been found to be an effective treatment for Joint Pain.

From a phytochemistry perspective, Lavender oil contains 30% Linalool which is non-toxic to humans, yet functions as a natural microbial. This makes it a great additive for multiple types of health treatments.

Our chemist use  Lavandula angustifolia vera (common name True Lavender or English Lavender) native to the Mediterranean and Lavandin oil, a hybrid of two types of lavenders; English Lavender (female) and Spike Lavender (male) that is comparable to lavender oil. Lavandin Oil has a higher concentrate of aromatic terpenes, antioxidants and minor astringent properties.

You will find these amazing oils in many of our medicines, including; H-Balm Control Extra Strength, Acne/Pimple Control, Hemorrhoid Control Extra Strength, Headache Pain Management, Sleep Well Control and Psoriasis Relief.

Lavender is also a spice. It has a light, sweet, aromatic flavor profile that can be added to salad dressings, tea, lemonade, jelly, cheese, meats, fish, and baked treats.

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