Don’t Suffer Another Day with Athlete’s Foot

Cracking Foot with Athlete's Foot Fungus
By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

Itchy feet? Burning pain on your heels or foot? Are your feet red? Heels cracked? If so, you most likely have athlete's foot.

Athlete's Foot is called this because it is frequently seen in athletes that share a common shower. The fungus that causes it, Tinea pedis, loves wet and moist conditions in the shower and multiplies rapidly. By the time the athletes step barefoot into the shower stall, the fungus is everywhere, although unseen. It is highly contagious and before long, the athlete has itchy feet. This same fungus also causes jock itch.

You don’t have to be an athlete to get the condition. If your immune system is compromised from diabetes, if you have vitamin and mineral deficiencies or immune system disorders, or if you’ve taken one antibiotic after the next, you’re prone to develop the condition.

And if you look at pictures of the athlete’s foot, they look similar to your own feet, red and inflamed. The pictures of athlete’s foot will show you two different types – the wet type and the dry type. Both may include the itchy feet symptom but only the dry type has feet that look cracked and dry. Both cases need athlete’s foot treatment. By the way, some pictures of athlete’s foot look pretty nasty. These give you an idea that the condition can get out of hand if athlete’s foot treatment is not started. The condition won’t go away on its own.

Do Home Remedies for Athlete’s Foot Work?
Home remedies for athlete’s foot may include special soaps that are used to wash your feet with. This is a good start to eliminating the condition since physical removal of the fungus interferes with the fungi reproducing.

Certainly, good hygiene always matters. There are some other simple habits to get into that will accelerate your personal treatment of athlete’s foot. For example, drying your feet thoroughly and then throwing the towel into the laundry is quite important. Otherwise, you infect yourself and the rest of the family. Another habit is to wear clean socks all day long. Thus, if your feet or shoes get wet, don’t go for more than a half hour before changing them. Every minute that your feet are wet means an increase in the ability of the fungi to reproduce rapidly. But soap home remedies for athlete’s foot and all the good habits won’t be enough to eliminate athlete’s foot because in this condition, the fungi have embedded itself just below the skin on the foot. You have to attack it at the root.

Athlete’s Foot & Jock Itch Control Contains Safe Antifungals
Because athlete’s foot treatment must continue over a period of a few months, it’s important to use an all-natural treatment. You wouldn’t want to use a toxic chemical that is absorbed into your body for weeks at a time. Athlete’s Foot Control contains natural substances from natural plants and essential oils from plants. The formula ingredients include Pelargonium graveolens from Madagascar, Eugenia caryophyllata from Java and Melaleuca alternifolia from Australia’s Nambucca Valley.

The medicinal constituents in these plants are the anti-fungal components of geraniol, eugenol and terpenol-4. The plants are picked far away from any environmental contamination. These ingredients and all other medicinal extracts in the athlete’s foot treatment are certified free from pesticides, toxins and certified organic.

These naturally anti-fungal properties cause a reduction in itching and burning associated with the fungus. The active ingredients are in the essential oils, which are low molecular weight, easily penetrate into the skin where they can affect the fungi directly. Results should be felt within 7 to 10 days. The directions should be followed to the letter since you don’t want to give the fungi time to develop resistance to the antifungal agents. Apply it three times daily.

Force of Nature’s Athlete’s Foot Control is the only athletes foot treatment on the market that is pharmaceutical grade and USDA Certified Organic. It’s a formula recommended by doctors and even has a one-year money back guarantee. That’s how confident doctors at Force of Nature are that you will get results. Changing your personal habits will help but this isn’t enough.

Why not start out with the best all-natural Athlete's Foot & Jock Itch treatment on the market to alleviate itchy feet today?

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