Causes of Fingernail Fungus

Close-up of hand with fingernail fungus.

By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

Often referred to as onychomycosis, the causes of fingernail fungus varies per person. Causes of fingernail fungus can be due to poor hygiene, overexposure of hands to damp environments, or sharing contaminated objects or manicure instruments in nail salons. Fingernail fungus is not as common as toenail fungus, however, they can both be unsightly.

The causes of fingernail fungus develops and then spread to another finger if left untreated. Millions of people are affected by nail fungus infection and not all of them are so concerned about treating them unless they need to. The nail fungus infection is a treatable condition with proper use of topical treatments, such as our Nail Fungus Control. The majority of these treatments contain anti-fungal properties that will kill the microorganism at the site of infection.

What Causes Fingernail Fungus?

Many believe that unsanitary nail salons are one of the causes of fingernail fungus as it can spread from finger to finger by sharing the manicure instruments in the salon. Some nail salons are not regularly cleaning their tools allowing fungal infections to spread from one person to another. It is also believed that fingernail fungus can be hereditary. When your parents have nail fungal infection the likelihood of you having the same nail fungus infection is raised.

Fingernail Fungus Symptoms
Once the nail fungus microorganism invades the nail bed, it lives by eating the keratin, which is a protein that protects the outer layer of nails. The fungus will multiply, and the keratin won’t be enough to nourish the nails, which causes the fingernail fungus to develop. Symptoms include nail discoloration, splitting, chipping, nail hardening, nail separation, and eventually total nail damage. The nail fungus infection can be treated and a fresh new nail can grow back.

The causes finger nail fungus infection often occurs in people with low immune systems as a result of other illnesses or the body has not enough defenses because of poor health. It is always recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle, such as eating healthy, exercise, plenty of rest and avoiding stress. Trying natural remedies, such as our Nail Fungus Control Extra Strength,  are also good for the body because these are non-toxic and non-synthetic. Although it will take longer before you see results however it is effective and long lasting.

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