Homeopathy is Nanomedicine

Homeopathy is Nanomedicine

By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

Nanoparticles are wave like energy patterns to small to be detected via conventional microscopes as they are sub-nuclear yet deliver powerful medicinal results. Homeopathic doses are in nano delivery systems.

These nano particles can be 1,000 times smaller than your pores and thus readily pass into the dermal layers of the skin and into the bloodstream via topical or sublingual application. They thus provide a super quick and accurate delivery system.  The powerful results to treat disease with nanomedicine are well documented. This methodology of delivering medicine is embraced by the FDA and delivers great medicine. This also helps tackle environmental problems. Nanotechnology involves the miniaturization of larger structures and chemicals at nano-metric scale which has significantly revolutionized drug administration.

Nanometer is one millionth the size of a meter or one millionth of a millimeter. There are hundreds of nano based drugs developed nationwide and globally. This involves an advanced drug delivery system.  Neuroelectric interfaces are an active goal of research.  Quantity of patents and applications for this process is exploding thus revolutionizing medicine on a global level. Plants unquestionably have well documented anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.   Natural medicine in the form of homeopathy thus works with the bodies innate ability to heal itself.

Another advantage of nano sized medicine is that micron sized nanoparticles are less invasive and the biochemical reaction times are much shorter. These are faster than typical drug delivery system. Cells accept these nano medicine particles because of their size.  The get absorbed by cell membranes because they are natural.  This is so important because many diseases reside in the cell. Cells take up the nano particles whereby larger particles are cleared through the body.

Nano-medicine has become a huge industry!  Sales of this field exceeded a staggering $150 billion dollars in 2017. North America dominated the nanomedicine market with revenue share of over 42%. The National Institute of Health (NIH) has approximately a dozen non-medical development centers staffed by biologists and doctors. They use the properties of natural biological elements.  Helps to correct defects in unhealthy cells. Currently several hundred nano-technological based drugs.

Purpose of this and homeopathy is to prevent and cure disease. According to the NIH: “it is at this size, 100 nanometers or less, that biological molecules and structures inside living cells operate.” Hence this is about understanding and treating disease. And about improving health without adverse side effect.

Atomic force microscopes are needed to detect and gather information on particles the size of nanoparticles. They do this by measuring its vibrations.This allows them to “see” certain objects which normal light microscopes cannot.

Science Daily Research has shown that medicine at the nano scale offers unprecedented opportunity to treat disease including cancer. Nanoparticles are the size of virus or smaller. Because of the size there is less dosage and therefore fewer if any side effects.

Nano-medicine combines biology and medicine.  It is expected to lead to major advancements towards medicine. Further, the plant kingdom is massive.  It literally rules earth.  Hence why it’s called a kingdom. There are thousands of treasures discovered with yet thousands more to be discovered.

The preponderance of scientific data demonstrating efficacy of medicinal plants is overwhelming.  So much so that all general practitioners are trained on herbalism.  In fact, Gingko is the second most popular drug behind aspirin!  As such German doctors commonly prescribe herbs. Herbs are thus the medicine of the common people. These herbs have been through clinical trials as rigorous as prescription drugs. Nano medicine is used to treat some of the most difficult medical conditions in the world today.

Saponins have shown to change the structure of cellular membranes. Different molecules certainly have a unique chemical and energetic signature which demonstrate natural biological therapeutic effects on a systemic and cellular level.  As such when making a mixture of many nanoparticles or medicines creates a cocktail to provide a synergetic effect.  Its too abstract and complicated for modern scientists to reproduce. This way it can several therapeutic effects.

It’s the diversity of the chemical make up of medicinal plants, literally several hundred naturally occurring chemicals, which conventional medicine simply can not replicate.

The great success in the field of homeopathy to treat human illnesses thus becomes more understandable in review of its nano delivery system. The body has a program for well-being and will always strive to return to health and well-being if given the right stimulus to set the healing process in motion, which homeopathy does so eloquently, and without side effects or drug dependency. It is a time tested two century old system of healing.

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