What is Black Toenail Fungus?

Black Nail Fungus

By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

If you ever wondered why your toenails turn black or discolored, the reason could be toenail fungus. Black toenail fungus could be the reason why your nails turned black, yellow, turn brittle and chip easily. You can get rid of toenail fungus in many ways by using over the counter or doctor prescribed topical solutions and creams, that when applied to the area should penetrate the deep layer of the skin.

What Causes Black Toenail Fungus?
Black toenail fungus is one of the most common toenail problems experienced, usually by athletes who are run, skate, or use their feet during sport activities. Moisture gets in their socks and toenails due to, which is the perfect breeding ground for microorganisms to grow. These microorganisms may develop into ingrown nails and black toenail fungus. Another cause of black toenails is the accumulation of blood underneath the nail when a toe is hit or rubbed against the tip of a shoe for a longer period of time.

These microorganisms may take up 2 weeks before you notice any changes, such as discoloration or the black toenails. With black toenail fungus appearance, wearing sandals or flip-flops can be embarrassing. Some even hide toenail fungus with nail polish which only makes the infection last longer.

How to Treat Black Toenail Fungus
The appearance of a black toenail fungus should not be ignored, especially on people with diabetes, which could turn into a fungal infection. It is better to get diagnosed by a doctor to evaluate the condition and if you ignore this condition, it may turn out to be something serious, that could result in loss of nail or extremity. In cases where the infection is severe causing skin under the nails plate to sore or develop ulcers, antibiotics are required. Diabetic people have a tougher time recovering from wounds and which is why in those instances you should consult your doctor.

If the black toenail fungus becomes chronic, you should address the root causes of the problem, because it could be attributed to the body’s immune system. The consequences of unhealthy eating habits, lack of sleep, and stress results in a poor immune system. Also, too much dependence on chemical-based medicines is not good for your health. Our Nail Fungus Control medicine is a great, all-natural black toenail fungus treatment for this issue. In extreme cases we recommend using our Nail Fungus Control Extra Strength, for healthy, strong nails.

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