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Gout, What Are The Symptoms and How Do You Treat It?


gout treatmentGout in foot can be characterized by severe and almost sudden attacks of pain, tenderness and redness in joints at the base of the sufferer’s big toe. Both men and women can be a victim of this. In most cases, the sufferer wakes up at night from sleep with a burning sensation in the big toe. This affected joint becomes so swollen, hot and tender that patients complain even the bed sheet's weight is too much for them to tolerate.

If you suffer from gout and do not treat it, then you have to deal with recurrent gout. Besides, when there is accumulation/formation of Urate crystals in your body then this will cause advanced gout which later result into the formation of kidney stones.

So, if you think that you are suffering from gout, then there are two things that you need to know. One is the symptoms of gout to make sure you truly have it, and secondly how to treat it. Here these two things have been discussed in details for your convenience.


The symptoms of gout in foot are as follows:

  • Severe joint pain- The large joint of the big toe usually get affects by gout. But, it also occurs in hands, wrists, ankles, feet and keens also. After it begins, you will suffer from intense pain within the first 4-12 hours.
  • Lasting discomfort- The intense pain after few hours will gradually subside but you will suffer from lingering discomfort in the affected joint area for many days. In many cases, people have suffered from this discomfort for many weeks also.
  • Redness and inflammation- The best way to understand if the joint pain you are dealing with is in fact from gout will be by seeing if the affected joint has become tender, swollen, red and warm. These are some of the most common signs and symptoms of gout.
  • Restricted motion- As the gout will progress; the sufferer will deal with a limited motion or mobility in the affected joint.

Fortunately there many safe methods of treating gout at home only, and they are as follows:

Cold compresses and packs- If the condition is not too serious, then the pain will not be that much excruciating. So, in such a case, it will be best to use cold compresses and packs on the affected joint as it will reduce pain and also inflammation. It is recommended that a sufferer does this at least 4 times for 30-40minutes each time.

Drinking water and eating right- When you body is producing too much uric acid or excreting too little of it, then the buildup of it can aid in the formation of Urate crystals which as you know leads to gout. So, if you drink water then the level of uric acid in your body will be stabilized. Similarly, it will be better to avoid eating foods like organ meats, fatty foods, seafood and beer every day. As these foods are rich in purines known for increasing the uric acid the consumer’s blood.

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