Homeopathic Resurgence

Homeopathic Resurgence
By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

Homeopathy has seen recent surges in popularity in America with sales increasing over 20% per year. Some of this growth has stemmed from the fact that medical experts have demonstrated that the right homeopathic remedy can be uncannily effective.  

Homeopathy has been embraced in Europe and Asia with thousands of doctors prescribing this valuable healing modality to their patience as they know firsthand, it works. Homeopathy was also extraordinarily popular in the USA in the nineteenth century; but it lost ground to at the turn of the century to pharmaceutical drugs, which were more lucrative and afforded its practitioner’s greater political leverage. There was more money in treating symptoms from pharmaceuticals than curing ailments as homeopathy sets out to do.

Homeopathy’s current renaissance in the USA is due in part to studies that have brought credence to its long-touted efficacy. Going back to 1997 the British medical journal Lancet reported the results of 89 placebo-controlled studies of homeopathy. It found homeopathic medicines had an average effect 2.45 times greater than placebos. This number also exceeded results of many pharmaceutical drugs.

Thus, homeopathic resurgence became a reality. This article from the Washington University School of Medicine further provides a nice background of homeopathic medicines.

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