Emerging Trends: Homeopathy Gains Ground in American Medicine

Doctor stands in front of a display of medical icons.

By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D

The appearance of double-blind studies on homeopathy in American medical journals is becoming more and more common. The fact that homeopathy is making progress in the American medical community and reported in major medical journals is rather groundbreaking.

Indeed, the use of homeopathic medicine has become increasingly commonplace throughout the USA over the last few years due to greater consumer interest.  This rise in consumer demand has not gone unnoticed by pharmaceutical companies.  Indeed, several pharmaceutical firms have actually purchased homeopathic drug companies. This is akin to the oil companies investing in private solar and wind firms.  Big pharma sees the future and are preparing for the inevitable changes to come. By acquiring these companies, pharma is attempting to ride the wave of the ever more popular method of healing. 

Of great value is the safety of homeopathy. It often delivers remarkable results, acting in perfect biochemical harmony with the human system without causing any adverse reactions.  It is safe and effective medicine for humanity.

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