The Signs and Symptoms of Psoriasis

Psoriasis on the hands.

By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

Psoriasis is one of the most ancient of all human conditions. It is a chronic skin condition characterized by reddening and flaking skin. Those afflicted with psoriasis suffer from skin cells reproducing at an unusually fast pace. This causes the cells to accumulate on the surface of the skin creating patchy lesions termed psoriasis. Scales, often pearly in appearance, commonly develop on the elbows, knees, legs, face, scalp, behind the ears, and back side. It can come and go and usually triggered by stress.

Of note, psoriasis is a condition that allows the body a means of physical expression for stress on the skin; away from vital internal organs.

With psoriasis, there is not only dryness and roughness, but also soreness and redness. It is characterized by scaliness. Psoriasis, despite the usual textbook description, can be unbearably itchy. The condition can by emotionally and physically challenging. Along with the physical discomfort on the skin, psoriasis can influence your emotional well-being. Learn more about the signs and symptoms of psoriasis below.

Five different types of psoriasis have been identified by the medical community.

Plaque Psoriasis 
Also known as Psoriasis Vulgaris. This is the most common form of psoriasis. Symptoms include the classic patches of bumpy red skin enclosed by white silvery scales.

Pustular Psoriasis
Appears as pus filled blisters often creating inflamed lesions.

Guttate Psoriasis
Mostly in young adults and children. Symptoms include small dot sized red spots commonly appearing on the legs, arms, and chest. 

Erythodermic Psoriasis
Symptoms include severe itching and pain with rashes on the skin. This can be rather serious as the skin can lose its defensive function in this situation and may not be able to stop harmful bacteria from entering the body.

Inverse Psoriasis
Often appearing in skin folds often in people who are overweight. Symptoms include smooth red lesions.

Homeopathic for Psoriasis
Homeopathy clearly views psoriasis as an immune disorder. Psoriasis treatments with homeopathic medicine strives for a curative effect against psoriasis. Homeopathic medicines are natural, safe, and represent a very viable treatment option to remedy the condition. They work towards balancing immune function to restrict the proliferation of excess skin cell development. This ultimately leads to easing the excess scaling experienced in psoriasis. As a result, homeopathy works to counter the severity and duration lesions, and in many cases bring about a permanent reversal of the condition.

Homeopathic medications are regulated by the FDA and manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) according to the United States Homeopathic Pharmacopeia. Our Psoriasis Control never contains harmful chemicals and is registered with the FDA and USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Leaping Bunny Certified.

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