Running Through Joint Pain

Woman running through joint pain.

By Karen W.

While I wouldn’t consider myself a track star or a marathoner, running is a part of my daily lifestyle and is something that helps me ground my days, focus in at work, and get that much needed endorphin rush.  Typically, running for me is a form of moving meditation, where I can quiet my brain that always seems to be tossing around thoughts, feelings, worries, and anxieties.  It’s also a time where I can connect with my body and how it’s working and feeling.

As most runners experience, running isn’t always a perfectly pleasant experience, but the temporary pain from a difficult uphill stretch is quickly outweighed by the rush of endorphins and energy once it’s over.  However, when I began experiencing joint pain in my knees, the pain didn’t go away.  I’m used to pushing through discomfort to get to an end goal, especially when I know the positive physical and mental benefits of exercise, but the joint paint that I was experiencing made it hard to keep going, and I wasn’t sure if trying to push through the pain was the right thing to do for my body.

After doing some research and discovering how common joint pain is for people of all ages and activity levels, I began looking for ways to treat the issue.  A common factor that causes joint pain is inflammation of the joints, so I’ve found that products with anti-inflammatory qualities, such as Forces of Nature Joint Pain Management, are very beneficial to managing and working to prevent joint pain. Their combination of Rue, Horse Chestnut, and Chamomile alleviate my stiffness after a long run and help stop inflammation from occurring before I head out for the day.

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