I’m Young, Fit, and Healthy- Why Do I Have Back Pain?

Women stretch in yoga class to combat their back pain.
By Karen W.

When I think of the type of person that suffers from back pain, some of the first thoughts that come to mind is a person that spends a lot of time sitting (maybe driving or at a desk-job), perhaps could be exercising or stretching more, or possibly has chronic pain built up from years of wear and tear on their backs.

 a Yoga Teacher and Outdoor Educator 

Who would have thought that I’d be an addition to the long list of individuals that struggle, at some point or another, with back pain?

I’m a yoga teacher and outdoor educator, which means that almost all my “work days” are spent moving around in some way or another, be it at the yoga studio or out on an ecology hike. When I’m not at work, I’m pursuing my favorite activity, rock climbing. 

I eat a healthy diet, I get plenty of sleep, and I spend about an hour a day on my personal yoga practice, but regardless, at the end of the day, I often find myself rolling into bed with a throbbing ache radiating across my lower back. For a while, I felt like I must be doing something wrong- why else would I, of all people, be suffering from back pain?

However, after talking with many friends who live lifestyles like mine, I began to realize that back pain doesn’t discriminate, and in fact, it was a common complaint among my group of friends, co-workers, and climbing partners. I began looking for a solution to my pain that would work for my limited free time and often hectic lifestyle, and luckily, I stumbled across Back Pain Relief by Forces of Nature.

With my lifestyle and work demands, I often feel pain at the most inconvenient times like in the middle of teaching a yoga class or guiding a hike and the pain often prevented me from getting the sleep I needed after a long day.

More often than I’d like to admit, I found myself short-tempered, grumpy, and burned out. Living life on the go as so many of us do in this hectic modern world, I needed a solution for my pain that not only provided instant relief, but also worked to ease the issue over the long term. 

Luckily, I’ve found that the natural relief in Forces of Nature’s Back Pain Relief rollerball, which uses a unique, dual-action blend of homeopathic medicines and essential oils, provides me instant relief for short term pain, and helps to ease my aches long term. 

Tucking the compact rollerball into my purse or backpack every day is a back pain solution that not only fits my packed lifestyle, but also provides the relief I need to give my all for everything I’m tackling during the day.

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