Ingredient Highlight; Ruta Graveolens (Rue)

Ruta Graveolens | Forces of Nature Organic Medicine
By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

Ruta Graveolens, also referred to as Rue, has an ancient history. It is an antispasmodic herb with analgesic properties. The genus name Ruta, is derived from Greek, meaning “to set free,” an expression of its reputation for freeing people from disease.

Its main area of therapeutic action is to treat pain and inflammation. It is especially valuable for acute or chronic joint pain and arthritis. Its ability to act as an anti-inflammatory agent increases peripheral circulation which may aid in its ability to alleviate stiffness in joints and suppress muscle spasms. As a result, it has shown effective in the treatment of joint pain making it a choice ingredient in our Back Pain Management Joint Pain Management and Muscle Pain Management.  Not only does Ruta Graveolens treat pain and inflammation it also has the ability to relieve itchy skin making it an excellent addition to our Eczema Control.

The quality of Ruta can certainly vary. We take great pride and extreme measures to ensure we secure the absolute purest medicinal plants on the planet to make our medicines the best they can possibly be. As such we source our Ruta Graveolens from the pristine Ubaye Valley of France’s Alpes de Haute Provence. It is hand harvested and USDA Certified Organic, thereby ensuring no chemicals or pesticides are used in cultivation.




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