What is Calendula officinalis

What is Calendula officinalis
By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

This wildly efficacious remedy promotes healthy regeneration of damaged skin and soreness in muscles / joints. It promotes rapid healing of affected areas when applied topically.

As a result, Calendula may be used safely whenever there is inflammation. It can be applied for any external wounds, bruises or strains. It is also beneficial for slow healing wounds, and thus ideal for first aid treatment. Its healing power seems to be based in part on its terpene content. Laboratory tests demonstrate Calendula's anti-inflammatory properties, with tinctures exhibiting the most efficacy. Thus why Forces of Nature opts for tincture use of Calendula in our medicines.

Calendula officinalis is the Marigold of Europe, and is also indigenous in North America and Egypt. We source our USDA Organic Calendula stateside from a small farm along the pristine Oregon Coast. Its purity and potency is unrivaled. We send all incoming natural drug ingredients to an independent FDA lab for purity and potency according to US Pharmacopeia standards. Lots that pass and conform to these standards are then blended into our formulas at our FDA Licensed laboratory in Sonoma, CA.

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