Stay Home & Practice Social Distancing

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By Josephine A

Although we are now being asked to stay home and practice social distancing, might as well make the best of the situation we are handed! It may feel like there are aspects of our lives no longer in our control. However, we don’t have to relinquish all sense of self-control; by practicing mindfulness, seeking out fun activities we haven’t had time to do, taking care of our bodies, and adhering to a routine, we can regain our sense of control and put our minds at ease. I have started to do just this, and it has helped me greatly in regaining my positivity and optimism. In moments like these, life begins to slow down and little actions and daily nuances take on more importance. Therefore, let’s start paying attention to these nuances in order to relinquish their power.

Mornings are the catalyst for the rest of the day and finding a good morning routine is essential to having a good day. To add onto my mornings, I start by taking Forces of Nature’s Cold & Flu Maximum Strength ImmuneDrops in order to add that boost to my immune system. This little action every morning brings reassurance and mindfulness to my day. Alongside this, I also take my Flovent, which is another prevention method to address my asthma. These two together make for a strong force to start off the day right. Part of being productive is inspiring hope, setting goals, and reaching towards them. This hope is further enacted by taking care of our bodies and finding reassurance in our health and well-being. Once I found this solution through Forces of Nature’s Cold & Flu Maximum Strength ImmuneDrops, I have started to turn my days into productive explorations.

There are many activities we can do to create a productive, exploratory day for ourselves. I have started by creating a goals list, in order to give me something to work towards. This has brought more structure to my days. I have also looked to activities I have been wanting to do but haven’t had the time to do before COVID-19 happened. Most afternoons once I finish at-home work, I have taken to crocheting, reading books with adventurous and uplifting plots, practicing my French language skills, learning to play the ukulele, going for long walks, and talking with friends through online platforms. However, there are more stay at home ideas I have in mind, such as planting a garden. Vertical gardens would be great for people living in an apartment, but if you have the space, might as well begin to revive the soil in your own yard as Spring is coming into full effect.  All of these activities allow me to breathe, adventure, and take gentle care of myself and others amongst changing life situations. With Forces of Nature’s products, I am able to start my days by being mindful and undertake activities throughout the day with confidence, optimism, and assurance.

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