What is Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins?

What is Sclerotherapy for varicose veins
By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

Sclerotherapy is a procedure many people turn to when they suffer from unsightly varicose veins. Those large purple veins that protrude from a person's skin are not attractive and cause people a great deal of pain, and it causes them to feel less confident and self-assured. When a person suffers from varicose veins and/or spider veins they often want to know how to rid themselves of these unsightly veins. Many turn to a doctor for relief. Doctors use sclerotherapy to inject something called sclerosing into a person's veins to help make them disappear. By injecting this solution into specific parts of a vein, it causes the vein to shut down until it is absorbed into a person's body and is no longer visible to anyone.

Sclerotherapy Costs
The cost of sclerotherapy is significant. It is also directly related to the number of sessions a person needs to help remove spider and varicose veins. Doctors note that some patients may only need one treatment to rid their bodies of a

Sclerotherapy on leg

small vein, but that the vast majority of their patients need to have multiple sclerotherapy treatments, which means that the sclerotherapy costs are significant. The typical price for one treatment runs anywhere between $300 to $500, depending on the doctor a patient chooses to use. Multiple sclerotherapy treatments can cost several thousand dollars. Additionally, if varicose veins and/or spider veins are severe enough, patients may require a yearly touch up injection to prevent them from returning to the surface of a person's skin.

Sclerotherapy Side Effects
While there is little risk of bleeding or infection associated with sclerotherapy, there are several other significant risks associated with the injections. The injections can be quite painful; and depending on where a patient needs to be injected, the injections can be excruciating. One of the biggest sclerotherapy side effects includes brown spots developing on the injection sites. These spots can take anywhere from two months to six months to appear. They can be small and barely noticeable, like a freckle, or larger and more noticeable. Furthermore, weak veins that are treated using sclerotherapy are subject to severe bruising at the injection site. Lastly, scabs can form at the injection sites and patients will need to have them treated with antibiotics until they subside.

Natural Treatments for Varicose Vein
There are several options to treat varicose veins such as diet, massage, regular exercise which encourages blood circulation and flow in legs and can push blocked blood through the veins. Reflexology also helps to reduce leg swelling and circulate blood. High-Knee compression socks also been used to reduce pain associated with varicose veins as well. Home remedies & homeopathic options including our Varicose Vein Treatment that offers immediate relief and improvement to the appearance spider veins and varicose veins.

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