What is Thuja occidentalis?

What is Thuja occidentalis?
By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

Have you ever heard of the ingredient Thuja occidentalis? If you use any of our products and browse the ingredient list, we actually use Thuja occidentalis in several medications. So, what is it?

Thuja occidentalis, also known as northern white cedar, is an evergreen coniferous tree that is native to Canada and most of the north-central and northeastern United States. The leaves and leaf oil from this tree are used as a medicine that can help treat infections such as bronchitis, bacterial skin infections, and cold sores. The plants oils are so effective that Thuja is known to loosen phlegm, boost your immune system, can work as a diuretic, treat skin conditions such as warts, and help with muscle and joint pain.

At Forces of Nature, we see the benefit that natural ingredients have on the body. It’s why we have worked with homeopathic doctors to create a new standard in natural, organic medicine. But we were not the first to use it.

Thuja occidentalis actually date back to the 16th century. The French explorer, Cartier, learned after stepping foot on North American soil with sick sailors, medicine could be created from nature. Native Americans showed him the powerful healing properties from the tree and its oils. The sick sailors recovered from scurvy using the tree’s foliage and has since been the first documented use of indigenous medicine from North America.   

How We Approach Natural Medicine
We combine certified organic homeopathic medicines with certified organic concentrated essential oils to treat specific ailments. This one-two combination delivers an incredibly powerful and effective result to safely treat common ailments. Homeopathic medicine works with your body on a systemic level to fight and prevent illness at the root of the cause. Essential oils cleanse and soothe while promoting healthy skin. These two modalities deliver superior effectiveness when combined for fast, therapeutic healing while some medicine just suppress symptoms.

Our Thuja is shipped direct from a small organic cooperative high in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. These are pristine growing conditions, far from pollution sources and population sources, with limited production. Per pharmaceutical guidelines, we sent the material to an independent FDA lab which verified our Thuja as pure and authentic via monograph and chromatograph testing.

Our Products That Use Thuja Occidentalis
Several of our products use Thuja occidentalis and are an integral part of the makeup of these medications.

Those include:
Athletes Foot
A natural athlete's foot treatment that quickly relieves and cures the itching, burning, and irritation from fungal infestations associated with athlete’s foot and jock itch.

Eczema Control is an advance natural eczema remedy that works on a cellular level to balance your skin’s overactive immune response, ease the itch and irritation. The active ingredients help relieve eczema symptoms naturally, without side effects.

Our gout pain medication works quickly to relieve the burning, stabbing, and stinging pain while increasing mobility.

H-Balm Extra Strength is a powerful solution for outbreaks including Shingles, Cold Sores and Canker Sores.  Use it for emergency care during an outbreak or when you feel one coming on (prodrome).

Muscle Pain 
Our natural muscle pain reliever treats both localized and systemic muscle pain, soothing and healing muscles at the source.

Our natural rosacea treatment features a blend of certified organic homeopathic medicines and certified organic essential oils that safely relieve itching, rashes, and irritation of rosacea, regulating skin tone while reducing redness on the skin and swollen blood vessels.

Our natural and organic sinus medicine is made from potent medicinal plants with the demonstrated ability to safely relieve sinus congestion without adverse side effects. Effective to treat congestion, sinus pain, and sinusitis symptoms.

Skin Tag
Our natural skin tag remover contains naturally occurring phytochemicals and antioxidants. Skin tags will gradually flake away or fall of entirely with this remedy.

Our natural wart treatment is an advanced extra strength wart remover. It safely removes warts on the fingers, face and body. Results have been seen within one week.

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