Natural Healing for Stress and Anxiety

Natural Healing for Stress and Anxiety
By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.



The evolution of the plant kingdom never stops, never rests, never stops improving. For eons, plants have continued to increase their vastness and diversity, in the process creating an array of naturally occurring chemicals that is beyond the replication ability of modern science.  Plants have literally turned themselves into chemical making factories over billions of years. Constantly working to achieve the proper balance and increase their resilience to an onslaught of diseases and stress, plants represent a reservoir of medicine. When properly utilized, plants also provide humans with an amazing resource to naturally, and safely, reverse and even cure a wide range of common ailments.  

As a means of survival, the abundance of phytochemicals produced by plants have a dynamic and healing effect. Their chemical compounds are pharmacologically active with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.  They produce a pronounced effect on the human system with the ability to treat and reverse a wide variety of health ailments, including stress and anxiety.

Some of the phytochemicals in plants alleviate stress from the harsh environments, including transitions between winter, spring, summer, and fall. This is a big task. It is these chemicals which allow plants to not only survive, but to thrive. Without manufacturing these phytochemicals, the plant kingdom would not exist, and neither would humanity as our dependence on plants is total.

Humans and plants share the same biochemical pathways and are comprised of the exact same chemical makeup. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that these phytochemicals in the plants translate wonderfully into the human system. They fit receptor sites perfectly, delivering rapid and safe results. With the proper blending of adaptogenic medicinal plants, such as those found in our Calm Mood treatment for stress and anxiety, the body can be brought back to a state of equilibrium when experiencing stress or anxiety. There is simply nothing like it. 

Our natural anxiety and stress relief product blends powerful forces of nature to create an anti-stress treatment unlike any other. These include natural plant medicines backed by clinical evidence accumulated over millennia and thousands of published scientific studies. These studies demonstrate medicinal plants are a well-proven scientific system of medicine which hold great value for healing the world. They are proven safe and effective in thousands of clinical studies in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

In particular, Avena sativa (Wild Oat) in homeopathic doses demonstrates selective action on the brain and nervous system, favorably influencing their functionality. It is especially helpful to ease nervousness and general weakness. Mental exhaustion with or without brain fog can be adequately addressed with this remedy. Nervous exhaustion from worry and anxiety is noted to be reversed by Dr. Robin Murphy.

Further, there are additional plants that can assist with stress levels. Angelica holds much promise from clinical proving's, as it tones the blood causing it to circulate, harmonizes your system, and enhances energy. Coffea cruda (Green Coffee) homeopathically has the proven ability to aid with unusual mental activity that causes stress or anxiety. Irritability is also eased with this remedy. Ocimum is another homeopathic remedy which has gained particular interest and value for combatting anxiety, which is why this ingredient is generously blended into Calm Mood.  

Passiflora remains a must active ingredient when treating stress or anxiety. It has a quieting effect on the nervous system and is an effective nervine with antispasmodic activity. Mental worry and nervousness are calmed rapidly from sublingual use.

Scutelleria laterifolia (Blue Skullcap) is another go-to homeopathic to calm nerves and ease mental stress. Irritability and apathy can be effectively reversed when this is taken sublingually.

Finally, Piper methysticum has been included in Calm Mood as it can produce liveliness and an inclination to motivate to get tasks done. It aids impaired thinking and helps enhance mood, therefore sharpening faculties and enhancing one’s ability to get things done without fatigue or brain fog.

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