Allison D. Shares her Journey with Plaque Psoriasis

Close up photo of woman dealing with plaque psoriasis.

By Allison D.

I have been dealing with plaque psoriasis for at least 10 years, long before my official diagnosis two years ago. I have it on my cheeks, my nose, part of my forehead, under my eyebrows, on 75% of my scalp, and when it gets really bad it makes its way to my knuckles on just my right hand. It’s terrible - the burning, itching, the redness - made worse by the fact that I can’t hide those spots where it shows up.

Originally thinking it was just recurrent dry skin, I’d layer on moisturizer after moisturizer to no avail. Eventually, I became more and more aware of the ingredients in the food I was eating which led me to the ingredients in my medicine and skincare. I ditched the moisturizer for coconut oil but that too didn’t work. My skin was too sensitive. Fantastic. When I was diagnosed by a dermatologist two years ago, I left his office with a prescription for a cream for my face and a shampoo for my scalp. I picked them up from the drug store, looked at the ingredients, politely handed them back to the pharmacist, and left empty handed. Both products were full of chemicals and harmful ingredients - and the shampoo’s $400 price tag was downright offensive (good day sir!) Unrelated, at the same time, I removed sugars and grains from my diet in the hopes I’d lose 100+ pounds. Well, I accomplished that over the next year. But the surprise added bonus: my psoriasis was gone. All of it.

I now occasionally reintroduce sugars and grains. The psoriasis flare-up is inevitable. Like clockwork it will show up 3 days after consumption and will hang out for the next week or so. I’m very picky about products that I will ingest as far as the ingredients go. I switched completely to homeopathic medicine about a year ago. Skincare is no different - our skin is our largest organ! I was out of options, and I resorted to just diligently staying on top of the plaques. Scrubbing the ever-loving life out of my face to keep it smooth. But instead, that would leave it burning and obnoxiously red where the plaques had been.

In walks the accidental hero of this story. I stumbled upon this tiny bottle of amazing. The Plaque Psoriasis Relief formula from Forces of Nature. On paper it was everything I wanted it to be. Clean ingredients! What a concept! I’ve now finished the bottle I bought, and I will never use anything else. No more fishing plaques out of my hair and eyebrows, my face is no longer red and on fire. My skin and scalp feel amazing. I now know that when a holiday or a celebration rolls around and I choose to eat things I normally don’t (I’m lookin’ at you sugar), I’ll be able to take care of my psoriasis in an efficient manner.

What a relief!

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