Medical Paradigm

Medical Paradigm
By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

The challenge within the health community is the ever-present wonderment if medication is an angel or a demon? The truth to this very real phenomenon is that the path of wisdom lies in the dosage.

Everyone who has used Forces of Nature’s treatments knows first-hand the incredible efficacy the provide to treat skin diseases and other common ailments. This healing effect is felt from the very first application. Onset of healing is almost immediate. This comes as no surprise as using organic medicinal plants to treat common ailments has been with humanity through the millennia of the species’ evolution, they have provided wellbeing to humanity time after time for the entire tenure of humanities existence.    

Our intention is to underline the sometimes-obvious compliments of these medicinal plants in the treatment of common ailments. These natural medicines act in perfect biochemical harmony with the human system without causing adverse reactions or addictions.

Remember, the nature of plants is the unfolding of life as it reaches up for heaven, done so on a daily basis. This is the nature of plants, once they begin to sprout and grow, it is growing outward, unlike humans which are literally trying to grow inwards so what happens with plants, philosophically speaking, the leaves, the branches, the stems, those are the organs of the plants.

Hence their organs are exposed to the worlds, while our organs are introverted and go inside, encased in our body. Plants thereby can be seen as polar opposites to humans; we collectively represent yin and yang.  And humanity of course serves as the break from 4 legged animals to 2 legged animals to upright posture, attempting to be a plant, attempting to be solarized in some way but at the same time restricted by the confined world.

And this is interesting as it demonstrates plants serve as educators, teachers if you will in our evolution. As a such, they have very intimate ways of helping us understand evolution. When you explore these principles, you’re going to find medicinal plants which create certain essential oils and homeopathic medicines, are crucial in helping humanity establish balance and well-being. They provide alignment with the forces of nature.  We can say this as they get their energy from the sun, they are solarized, the greatest source of energy in our solar system.  

As a result, medicinal plants which are the foundation of essential oils and homeopathic medicines, are going to have tremendous impact on our physiologically and psyche. Blending these powerful modalities and medicines together has a highly pronounced and well documented positive influence on our wellbeing.

This is very, very, important because it tells us that this is, this has been, a way that humanity has a symbiotic relationship between the plant Kingdom. So, as we destroy this symbiotic relationship via chemicals and industrial pollutants, it jeopardizes the health of the planet and thus then humanity. As a result, using and supporting certified organic agriculture becomes that much more imperative.

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