Why Blend Essential Oils and Homeopathic Medicines

Why Blend Essential Oils and Homeopathic Medicines
By Dr. Peter Klapper Ph.D.

Blending powerful organic essential oils with proven organic homeopathic medicines represents a major advancement to treat common ailments like hemorrhoids, cold sores and much more. This unique approach to medicine is a one two combination that provides systemic healing through organic homeopathic medicines and pronounced antimicrobial effects through organic essential oils.

Utilizing and blending these two specific healing agents to treat diseases can be referred to as a dual modality or Dual Action mechanism for healing. It can be used to treat skin ailments such as eczema, or other underlying systemic imbalances such as allergies. Further, this Dual Action approach can be of great benefit to provide pain relief from neuralgia, joint pain, or migraines.

The value of homeopathy is its proven ability to jump start immune parameters. The essential oils then further support the healing effect via their anti-inflammatory action. Both are often derived from medicinal plants. They have a synergistic effect to support systemic wellbeing, and biochemical harmony with the human system.

A key to success in this Dual Action approach is the quality of the medicinal plants. Clearly the purer the medicinal plants, the greater the therapeutic value that is why we source only the purest ingredients form elite organic famers across the globe. With this in mind, the ultimate in purity standards are established via organic certifications, which are established from third party testing. The USDA Certified Organic seal is the gold standard in quality and proof positive only the highest quality ingredients are used, thus delivering the greatest therapeutic result.

The end result from blending these organic essential oils and organic homeopathic medicines is a dynamic and wildly effective system of healing. Using this combination, one often experiences results which are not only dramatic and often immediate, but also devoid of serious adverse reactions.

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