Everything You Need to Know About Heartburn

Everything You Need to Know About Heartburn
By Camilla M.

Most of us will experience heartburn at some point. That feeling of pain in the upper portion of your stomach followed by wanting to vomit is none other than heartburn. And it is an ailment that affects millions of people in the United States. Since 2005, heartburn has led to at least 3.14 million hospitalizations.

Luckily, there are ways to treat heartburn without going to the emergency room. Homeopathy remedies can offer a natural means of heartburn relief—with all the acid-neutralizing benefits without the nasty side effects.

Read on to learn more about acid indigestion, more commonly known as heartburn.

What Is Heartburn?
Heartburn is also called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or acid indigestion. It is an upper gastrointestinal disease caused by high levels of acidity in the stomach.

People who have this condition complain of a burning sensation between the upper abdominal regions and the chest. The pain often radiates mid-chest, giving the illusion that the origin of the pain is in the thoracic wall.

What Are the Symptoms of Heartburn?
The most common complaint of patients with heartburn is a burning sensation in the upper stomach. The location and absence of any numbness make heartburn different from angina (chest pain indicating a heart problem).

Other signs and symptoms are:

  • Burping frequently
  • Feeling of fullness
  • Bloatedness
  • Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing)

Abdominal pain that is relieved by food may indicate a different condition. Often, this symptom means the presence of a peptic ulcer.

Who Is Likely to Get Heartburn?

You are likely to develop heartburn if:

  • You drink too much caffeine
  • You smoke
  • Your diet is made up of fried, spicy, and fatty foods
  • You drink too many carbonated or alcoholic beverages

You are also predisposed to having heartburn if you are pregnant or if you use NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) frequently.

Are There Natural Remedies for Heartburn?
Most people treat heartburn with over-the-counter medications like H2 blockers and PPIs (proton pump inhibitors). While these are generally safe, there are natural ways to get relief from heartburn. These herbs are ideal for treating heartburn and ulcers.

Berberis Vulgaris
Berberis Vulgaris is more commonly known as barberry. Despite its acidity, it provides instant relief for gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea and heartburn.

Iris Versicolor
The Northern Blue Flag has been a homeopathic go-to for the treatment of stomach conditions.

Valeriana Officinalis
Valerian root is famous for its ability to improve sleep that's why we use it in our Sleep Well. However, it has benefits for addressing stomach pains from ulcers as well.

Calendula Officinalis
Pot marigold has long been used as an anti-inflammatory. Calendula reduces swelling in the membranes of the mouth and esophagus to provide relief from heartburn.

Heartburn is a condition caused by acid reflux to the esophagus. While this is treatable with medications, homeopathy offers an equally effective path for treatment.

Our Heartburn Relief Formula contains all four herbs mentioned earlier that instantly treat the symptoms of heartburn.

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