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Homeopathy in USA

The appearance of double-blind studies on homeopathy in American medical journals is becoming more and more common. The fact that homeopathy is making progress in the American medical community and reported in major medical journals is rather groundbreaking.
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When an imbalance occurs in the mind-brain connection, the result is the affected person has difficulty paying attention. Focusing at school, work, or simply on common tasks becomes a challenge.  A modern and commonly referenced term for this condition is attention deficit disorder or ADD.
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Dual Modality Healing For Stress and Anxiety

The evolution of the plant kingdom never stops, never rests, never stops improving. For eons, plants have continued to increase their vastness and diversity, in the process creating an array of naturally occurring chemicals that is beyond the replication ability of modern science. 
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What Causes Joint Pain?

Many people associate joint pain with the common disease, arthritis, which the CDC states effects 1 in 4 Americans. However, joint pain can be caused by a wide range of injuries, ailments, and diseases, each of which effect the body in different ways. All in all, joint pain effects about 30% of the population
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Getting my sinuses under control helps to improve my asthma.

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Do you have chronic or acute sinus problems?

The severity and longevity of sinus problems varies for each individual; people can have chronic or acute sinus problems, or they may experience a sinus infection versus sinus problems associated with allergies or cold and flu
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