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Getting my sinuses under control helps to improve my asthma.

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Do you have chronic or acute sinus problems?

The severity and longevity of sinus problems varies for each individual; people can have chronic or acute sinus problems, or they may experience a sinus infection versus sinus problems associated with allergies or cold and flu
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Running Through Joint Pain

After doing some research and discovering how common joint pain is for people of all ages and activity levels, I began looking for ways to treat the issue.  A common factor that causes joint pain is inflammation of the joints, so I’ve found that products with anti-inflammatory qualities, such as Forces of Nature Joint Pain Management, are very beneficial to managing and working to prevent joint pain. 
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I’m Young, Fit, and Healthy- Why Do I Have Back Pain?

With my lifestyle and work demands, I often feel pain at the most inconvenient times- like in the middle of teaching a yoga class or guiding a hike- and the pain often prevented me from getting the sleep I needed after a long day.
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Prepare for Spring

A needed refresher on allergy causes, symptoms, and treatments in order to prepare for spring season and take care of ourselves during changing times.
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The importance of overall wellness durning COVID-19.

The impact of COVID-19 has left many of us dealing with a great amount of uncertainty. We are searching for ways to stay healthy and calm. While we should boost our immune systems during this time, the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, cannot be understated. 


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